Monday, June 01, 2009

Visit to the Singapore Flyer

Chris suggested to bring mum and the boys to the Singapore Flyer for a ride last Saturday and we decided to join them. I always felt that it was not worth paying that much to go on the Flyer for the 30mins ride to see what the Singapore skyline had to offer. And I still feel the same now after the ride but I did enjoy the experience and the companionship.

Fortunately, Peter had 4 free corporate passes and there was a promotion for every 2 adult tickets purchased, 4 children ride for free. So together with 6 adults and 7 children (3 of the children were below 3 yrs old and they also ride for free), we only paid for 2 adults in total.

Nic was supposed to have his dinner up in the capsule but he could not wait as he was hungry, so we had to feed him while waiting to be "checked in".

Waiting to board the capsule

Managed to catch the day view while ascending and the night view while descending

Close up view of Marina Barrage

Marina Bay Area

Esplanade and Fullerton area

The capsule we were in at the highest point

Marina Bay Sands Resorts & Casino (under construction)

The Lims

The Kids

The Group

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