Monday, February 16, 2009

"Squad" or "Squat"??!!

You guys have to know the sequence of squad, attention, at ease (in Malay of course) to find this funny!

Monday, February 09, 2009

Merryn Road Open House

1 February 2009.

It was time for Nat and Nic's great grandma and grandparent's annual open house. This open house is mainly for our relatives on great grandma's side, for grand-dad's friends and in some years, my friends. Also as great grandma is one of the last aunts, this open house was good for our relatives to come by to pay their respects.

This year however, I decided not to have my friends over as I wanted it to be more laid back with a baby in tow. It was still crowded though with many kids. And I must say, the kids are multiplying as the years go by. Nat was having a good time in the garden with some of the kids, kicking and digging the sand.

Food wise, there was the usual satay man barbecuing behind. This time, there was no sole caterer. We had briyani from turf city. And I must say it was good!!! Especially the fish curry! We also had a prata man cooking the prata on the premises. did not get to eat any though!!! It was a slow process as he could only cook one prata at a time. There was also Mum's duck and hee peo soup! All in all, a good spread.

Prata man!

Some of our guests.

Nat in the garden.

Second Day of Chinese New Year

27 January 2009.

This morning we went to Changi Airport T3 for breakfast. Nathaniel wanted to have something from Macs. So we thought we'd go there. The decision was made in the car with my sister-in-law's family. So off we went to T3. We also walked around to have a look at the deserted shops.

We also came across disney characters at the departure hall.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

First day of Chinese New Year

The first day of CNY saw the family going for mass. It is not obligatory to do so, but this is "tradition." I wanted this as we need to thank the Lord for our family and for a good year ahead. We then rushed to Merryn Road to pay our respects to our elders (yet another tradition!!). We then went to Dua Ee Poh and Uncle Johnny's house to visit as well.

Family picture.

Ang Pow giving ceremony.


Reunion Dinners

The first reunion dinner we had was on Saturday 24th January 2008. It was held at Peter and Chris's place at Tampines. This was for Shirley's side of the family. Michael joined us today and I felt that it was good for him to be there then to be at home alone. Nat is slowly beginning to comprehend things. I had tried to tell him what "Ang Pows" and "Kum" is all about. I do not know if he really understands, but he is able to greet people "Gong Xi Fa Cai", to say thank you when given a red packet and passing it to me to keep after that. He's a smart boy that one.

Here is a photo of Nat giving a red packet to Wai Por on behalf of his parents and receiving one from her too.

The second reunion dinner was for my side and was held on the following night. It was held at my parent's house at Merryn Road. My parents also extended the invitation to my 2 aunts and uncle to join us. As usual, my side is the more subdued family, but the presence of the 2 boys made the atmosphere a little more lively.

The spread at Merryn Road.

"Lo Hei"

Being part of 2 families has exposed me to different type of family dynamics. I had watched other people's families and how each family member relates to others in their families as I was growing up. I watched families in church, friend's families, ex girlfriends etc. Every family is different. I had desires of what my own family should become as it all boils down to how the parents want their family dynamics to be. I guess being brought up in my family, I bring to the table a sense of responsibility, discipline, formality and tradition. Shirley's side is more informal and I like that too. So what should my own family dynamics be like?? Well, a blend of things. I would like my own family traditions, sense of responsibility, discipline, informality, good social skills etc. Sounds a tad challenging doesn't it??

Monday, February 02, 2009

Happy "Niu" Year to our readers!!

Happy "Moo-Moo" year to one and all !!!! May the year of the ox be a much better year than last year !!!

The start of Chinese New Year celebrations

23rd January 2009.

Today Nathaniel was asked to wear traditional clothes to school. I had bought 2 sets of clothes when I was last in China. This particular set was actually made for the Beijing Olympics. When asked which one he wanted to wear? He chose the red one. I think he looks good!!!

Nathaniel has begun to talk a lot more. Good and bad. Good that he can communicate his feelings of anger, happiness etc. Bad because he can now talk back!! I now sense that things are just going to get a whole lot more difficult. We had been experiencing a little rebelliousness from Nathaniel now and then. And I believe with the new addition to the family, we have to be rather sensitive to Nathaniel's feelings. I had gone ballistic on a few occasions already, and I really need to check myself. After hearing my grouses, my granny warned me about Nat wanting attention. And he would get that by rebelling and not listening to us, the parents. She had shared that she also experienced that with her own kids. I told her that I am aware. But am I really? Being a parent now, is different from when you are on the outside. So I have to keep telling myself to control my temper and try and look at each situation rationally.

Two lovely photos

One day before his baptism, I was playing around with the camera and decided to try and catch some nice photos of Nicodemus. I managed to get a few of him smiling. One thing I have noticed is that he seems to like people to talk to him. But of course in a higher pitched tone. He is so adorable when he is happy.

Take a look.

A new beginning

January 2009 began with a mountain of flurry. Nicodemus Paul was baptised on 4th January 2009 at the Church of St. Bernadette. It was a small and simple catholic ceremony. And we had the pleasure of having Nat and Nic's godparents and their family, my granny, parents and siblings, Shirley's siblings and their families join us for the baptism and lunch at Beng Hiang after that.

I had already been through one baptism when Nathaniel was born and as such, the procedures were not new. Procedures aside, I guess what really matters is the meaning of baptism. For catholics, it is a requirement for us to baptise our infants as soon as possible. In fact, this was made known to us during our marriage preparation. This was always in conflict with many other Christian denominations. As parents, we need to fulfil this. Once the child grows up, it really is up to him to continue in his journey of faith. And it is our job to teach him about our faith. Gosh, the responsibility!


The Fantastic Four.

Godpa and Godma.

The Lims.

The Tans.