Sunday, June 07, 2009

Happy Birthday Sam!

2 June 2009.

A 'devious' plan developed by my wife to celebrate Sam's birthday was born probably about a week before today. She contacted Tina to try and do something for her hubby. Between the two of them, Tina decided to take the day off to cook for her hubby. But she had to 'lie' that she was going to work/ seminar that day so that he would not suspect. Things did go wrong on the actual day and it was quite funny. But all ended well of course! We were supposed to appear for dinner (the first part of the plan).

Shirley had also contacted Eunice via messenger to develop the second part. A video msn with the Teohs in Denmark to virtually celebrate his birthday. Things went a little wrong again at the last minute as we could not start the web camera properly, but again all ended well again!

Hope you enjoyed the night Sam.

Tina's spread!!! By the way did you see the "candles" on the spring roll. Tina said she did not know what to do with the yam so she made them??? Wa leow??????!! :P

The couple.

Video messenger with Eunice in Denmark.


Keegan and Nat having a go.

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