Saturday, December 30, 2006

Born 8th October 2006....A new soccer hero?

A new soccer hero in the making......... Keegan Teoh di di....... from Uncle Ben and Aunty Eunice, our very good friends! And not forgetting Kevin gor gor, Keegan's brother. And if you are reading this Nat (when you have grown up), Kevin Keegan used to be a very famous soccer player when I was young!! So soccer runs in this family!

Your mom and I went to visit the Teohs at Gleneagles Hospital and can you believe what they served Aunty Eunice? Have a look and tell me what it looks like?

Mid Autumn Festival

Has been some time since we blogged. So many things happening. Travellings and all.

Anyhow, here is a photo taken on 6 October 2006. We celebrated the festival downstairs by the pool with all of Nat's cousins. We had lanterns, moon cake and some ice tea (packet drinks). Could not really see the moon and that lady who was supposed to be there!