Sunday, June 07, 2009

Quick picture and video updates

20 February 2009. Nic already on his front. Able to turn.

22 March 2009. Nathaniel was invited to his classmate's birthday party downstairs. Charlene happens to also be a neighbour!

28 March 2009. Daddy tries to tell a quick story at the Whitesands library to his 2 boys.

15 April 2009. Nicodemus starts to eat a little semi solids

25 April 2009. The 2 boys!!! So handsome!

13 May 2009. A gathering before Eunice and kids fly off to Denmark and Britain. And an early celebration for Sam's birthday. Oh! And the boy there in the picture? That's Sam and Tina's adopted son!!! :)

16 May 2009. Nicodemus has already started to semi-crawl quite a bit and for quite sometime. This is just a video to show what I mean by semi-crawl!

29 May 2009. Nic lapping in the life of luxury!

30 May 2009. Family trip on the Singapore flyer (please see earlier blog posting by Shirley)

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