Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Announcing the birth of Nicodemus Paul Lim

Shirley, Nathaniel and I would like to formally announce that by God's grace, Nicodemus Paul Lim was born on Saturday 25th October 2008. He was 3.14 kg and 50 cm long.

It all started about 3am or so with some contractions. We were out of the house by 5am. We reached Mt. Alvernia by 5.20am. Shirley was in the delivery suite by 5.45am. It was all natural without epidural. And it was all over by 7.19am. It was painful but thankfully quick!! Hurray to Shirley!!!

We were careful to manage Nathaniel as well. We had bought a small bicycle and even brought it to the hospital. I brought him there Saturday afternoon and told him that he is now a big brother and that baby has now come out of Mummy's stomach. The bicycle was a present from Nicodemus to him. He was pleased with it I must say. Well, the challenges begin to manage the 2 boys!!!

Thanks to all our friends and family for their prayers, support and congratulatory messages.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Keegan!!

4th October 2008.

We were invited to Keegan's birthday party today. We had a buffet dinner from Neo Garden and then the usual cake cutting ceremony. My my, I must say that we have attended a few birthday celebrations recently. Many year end babies!! It was a fun night. Catching up with friends and making new ones!! I finally met Fahma (is the spelling correct?). Her name kept coming up occasionally when I speak to Eunice sometimes about work, etc. So finally good to match the face to the name.

Nat was finally introduced to the Wii. Gosh, the technology nowadays. You just need to flick your wrist and you are bowling or playing golf at home. It kind of takes the interest out of the game. I will have to introduce Nat slowly to the actual game. More beneficial for him right??

Keegan blowing his saliva onto his cake.

Keegan, his grandparents and kids.

The Teohs.

The ladies and the kids.

Nat with Uncle Sam, trying out the Wii.

Happy 70th Birthday Wai Por!!

28 September, 2008.

We had a small celebration for Wai Por today. It was her 70th Birthday. And we celebrated it at Kim Choo Peranakan Restaurant at East Coast Road. It was a simple and delicious dinner with cake cutting at the end. I must say that I was quite impressed with the service, especially with the waitress. She got everything we needed. She even became our babysitter (when we went back to eat there just this past Tuesday night with a friend visiting from the UK)!!!

Wai Por has been a great help to her daughters and their families. Taking care of kids and cooking are her forte, and we all appreciate that. Thus taking time off to celebrate with a dinner was a must!!!!

Nat enjoying his dinner with his cousins.

Wai Por and her longevity noodles.

Wai Por and her daughters, families and extended family.

Wai Por's longevity cake.

Nat singing happy birthday in mandarin!

Today was the first time we heard Nat sing Happy Birthday in Mandarin and at the top of his voice. I was visibly amused and so was Luke and Matthias, his cousins. It was great!!

Wai Por blowing off the candles off.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Actual 3rd Birthday

19th September 2008 marked the actual birthday of our Nathaniel Isaac Lim Oon Yang!

I had taken leave that day. I sent Nat to school and passed all the goodie bags to his teacher to distribute. I then promised Nat that I will be back to pick him up. At about 12.30pm, I picked him up, showered him and took him for a snack and to an indoor playground at Downtown East. I had to encourage him to explore the place a little more but he was not that adventurous. I did not want to push him too hard as he might not like it, so I let him explore on his own. I told myself that I will have to return another day with him.

After this, we went to Gelare for waffles. He really enjoyed it!!! Then it was off to pick Mummy from work and then for a dinner at Marche, VivoCity. It was a fun but tiring day for Nat, but am very sure he enjoyed it!!

At lunch.

At the playground at Downtown East.

At Gelare, Downtown East.

At Marche, VivoCity, with his parents.

Singing Happy Birthday!!

Happy Birthday Nat!

14th September 2008.

We celebrated Nat's birthday today, a week earlier. It was a smallish affair with family and some very good friends. I had asked Nat some time back what cake would he like for his birthday. I expected Barney or Hi 5. But strangely he said a "car cake." And specifically a "red car cake!" Shirley and I were surprised. Anyway, we checked a few more times with him and he was very consistent....so a red car cake we gave him. The only red car cake I could think of was Lightning McQueen from the animated car movie.

As Shirley and I were shopping for his goodie bags for his nursery mates, we found items from that movie. So it slowly became a car themed event. We even screened the Car movie in the karaoke room that we booked as well.

Nat really enjoyed his party, judging from the smile on his face. And for most of us who knows him well, he hardly smiles for the camera.

Red car cake

The kids


The Lims


13 September 2008.

It was a Saturday and Mommy wanted to go down to Bedok Reservoir to check out the dragon-boat race as her company Morgan Stanley was taking part. Daddy and Mommy thought it would be something Nat may like to see (and it was something different to do on the weekend). So we went down but had missed that particular race. But it was fun and interesting to see the other teams racing.

Nat with Auntie Dolly

Nat mucking around

Nat with an attitude. With Mommy