Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Daddy, where is the game?

15 May 2008.

I bought a computer game for Nat to try out. My objective was to get Nat exposed to using a mouse of the computer as well as to break the monotony of other types of play. However, we take care to only allow him 15 min computer time for the sake of his eyes. As the game is interactive, Nat enjoys it. It also helps him to match shapes, numbers etc. He just loves it. After we are done, I keep everything as I don't want Nat exploring on his own with the computer as yet. So he does come up to me at times asking, "Daddy, where is the game?"

Monday, May 26, 2008

Our visit to the Teohs

10 May 2008.

It was an impromptu visit to the Teohs. We had rung up in advance to ask if the Teohs would be home as we were going to be in the vicinity. And they were so kind to say come over!!! So we did. Was good just catching up. And we have to do this more often now, or else not much chance to do so right? (sniff! sniff!)

Keegan, Auntie Eunice and Little Nat posing for the camera. Nat is carrying one of Keegan's soccer balls. You have to realise that the Teohs are soccer mad, so you would expect many such balls lying around the house. Eunice if you read this and say "no what", just look at your 2 son's names?????!!! Kevin and Keegan.... I rest my case!

Starcruise Aquarius Episode 5

We spent the last day on the ship (7th May 2008). I started out with a morning jog on Deck 7 as usual. The ship seemed to be heading into a storm. I could see the dark clouds in the distance. After I think 3-4 rounds, I could feel some drizzle. What worried me was the lightning which seem to be getting closer. I gave up and found my way to Deck 11 where the gym was. I spent I guess another 15 min there. By the time I left the gym, they had closed all the decks for safety. The day was mostly cloudy and gloomy. So our plan to use the pool went out the window. We ended up attending some kids games at the Stardust Lounge, eating etc. I went for a body massage while Nat was having his afternoon nap.

After dinner, we all decided to go for the crew's performance at the Stardust. The performances were ok, but Nat is adverse to loud sounds and did not enjoy it one bit. So after managing to catch some parts of the show, we retired to our cabins. At about 1am, I decided to go back to the Stardust for a movie. I forget the name of the show but it starred Sean Connery and Catherine Zeta Jones and some parts of the movie were filmed in KL, Malaysia. I thought it was the last night, so why not do this??

The very next day, after my usual jog, we had breakfast and just lazed around the cabin. We had more to eat at the cafe! It was just eat, eat and eat. If I did not jog or exercise, I would have put on much more weight!!

It was great to be away from Singapore for a while I must say. Kind of enjoyed it though there were some memorable moments which I did not like. But all in all, enjoyable.

Ben posing at our cabin balcony.

Ben and Nat posing with the sunset behind them.

Starcruise Aquarius Part Four......Durians and such...

More photos in Phuket.

Nat trying the durians. He has taken it before, but he did not seem to enjoy it. Anyway, he is not much of a eater anyway. And the durians were not that great, so I guess Nat has got "high class" taste??? :)

Had to persuade Nat to try the coconut drink. When he took a first sip, he wanted more! I did have some by the way and it was refreshing and cold, which probably explained why Nat loved it!!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Starcruise Aquarius Part Three

Phuket was the next stop (6th May 2008). We docked at about 11am. We opted for the tour to Patong Beach. They basically brought us to a place to buy stuff and then dropped us off at the beach. We went straight for a seafood lunch at a restaurant just across from the beach. It was a mighty fine lunch I must add. A definite change from the ship's food, which after a while just simply tastes the same. It was a "most satisfying meal", my wife commented!!

With what time we had, we shopped a little and bought for Nat t-shirts. As Nat drifted into dreamworld shortly after, on his stroller, the adults looked for other forms of entertainment. We all opted for foot reflexology whilst Nat was in dreamland. Uncle Richard said his was good compared to the one he had in China, whereas I remain loyal to my therapist back in Singapore, specifically at West Plaza, Pasir Ris. I did not really enjoy my reflexology session in Phuket. Shirley had a manicure, pedicure and a head and shoulder massage.

We headed back to the beach to catch the coach back to the ship. But the story does not end here. At the foot of the boat, a makeshift market was selling odds and ends. Lo and behold, us being Singaporeans, we could not resist the temptation of trying out the durians, mangoes and mangosteens. As durians and mangosteens were forbidden on board the ship, we all decided to smuggle them on board, of course safely in our stomachs!!! The durians were not that great, but the mangoes were heavenly! We even bought some for our loved ones back home!!!

Mummy and son posing for the camera in the coach. Notice that the son is more intrigued with his fingers than anything else!

The cross hand pose. Looks like a mini soccer team posing.

The paragliding from the beach.

At the "most satisfying" seafood lunch place by Patong Beach.

Starcruise Aquarius Part Two

Aquarius docked at Penang the very next day (that is the 5th May 2008). But we got off the liner pretty late in the afternoon. We had to take a smaller boat from the liner to the port as Aquarius could not come in all the way. All of us hired 2 taxis to ferry us around. We ended up buying tit bits at a shop, then made them drive us to eat Penang laksa and Char Kway Teow. The Penang laksa was not too bad (I normally do not touch the stuff), but the Kway Teow was so so only (but you have to take the chilli one!). We then ended up at a shopping mall called Gunie Plaza (I think). Heading back to the ship was an experience. We all felt that the ride back in the small boat was so rough. Daddy was not feeling great about it, but had to put a brave front as he was carrying Nat. Nat was about to cry too because everyone was screaming in the boat. Shirley even had to ask this guy next to ask to please be quiet as he was frightening Nat!!

The Penang Laksa and Char Kway Teow

Mama and Auntie Karen tucking in

The Aquarius

Friday, May 23, 2008

Starcruise Aquarius Part One

4 - 8 May 2008.

Our family (Shirley, Nat and I) went on a 5 day 4 night cruise on the Aquarius with his grandparents (my side) and his grandpa's tennis "kaki" and his wife, Uncle Richard and Auntie Karen. It was a cruise to Penang, Phuket and Port Klang. In general, I enjoyed the trip. I managed to put in a jog every morning on deck 7 and 2 gym sessions. Even with all that exercise, I managed to put on weight as food was in abundance. Following are some photos.

Nat and Dad on the walkway to the Aquarius.

A swashbuckling experience. Mummy showing off her swashbuckling skills to Nat.

Uncle Richard showing Nat how to fold aeroplanes.

Nat flying aeroplanes with Kong Kong at the back of the Stardust Auditorium.

The wonder of jigsaw puzzles

24th April 2008

You see Nat doing a jigsaw puzzle in the photo above. Shirley and I noticed that Nat liked putting puzzles together some time back. It was the 4-5 piece puzzles which we "borrowed" from his cousin. He liked putting them together. One day I decided to get the 15 piece Tom and Jerry one in the picture and he just loved it. He kept doing it over and over again. And I must add he was getting really good at it! He then progressed to 20 pieces, and then to 40 pieces. I will soon need to progress to more pieces! At two and a half years of age?????!!! It's fantastic!

Kangaroo balloon hat

30th March 2008.

Nat managed to get a kangaroo balloon hat. And you guys should see the way he poses. A model in the making!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Nat's angry face!!

24th March 2008.

Nat's learnt some expressions at Nursery. He is getting mischievious, but expressive. e learnt angry, happy, sad faces. This is just the angry face.

Angry face!! By the way, he is in his PE attire for Nursery.

I took the afternoon half day off to spend time with Nat and to bring him out for an outing with his grandparents. We went to Chatterbox at Mandarin Hotel. And then we spent some time at Paragon on the upper floors where there were kids stuff. Nat enjoyed the playground and the ride that Mama sponsored!

Nat with Kong Kong

Nat with Mama