Friday, April 06, 2007

Perth 2007 ..... East Perth. Breakfast in the park

Nathaniel Isaac Lim

Flying the kite again. Notice the blue skies!!


Nat and his fish. He never fails to pay them a visit when we walk past the little aquarium in the lobby

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Perth 2007 ..... Caversham Wildlife Park / Farm

At Caversham Wildlife Park.... touching a kangaroo

Then the koalas..... Nat loved them. Kept laughing

At the entrance

For Nat, it was visiting a new friend. For daddy, it was an old friend, Goldwyn the horse at Tua Koh's farm

At Tua Koh's farm

Perth 2007 ..... Evening walk at East Perth

Nat chasing a seagull

The seagull escapes Nat

Perth city in the background from where we were at East Perth

Perth 2007 ..... Falcon Beach, Mandurah

The boys

First time on the swing!

Kangaroo stamp!!

Performance at Falcon Beach. Nat enjoyed this very very much

Nat and daddy flying a kite!

Perth 2007 ... Sebel Residence and surroundings

Sebel Residence, East Perth from across

Nat and Mummy. Taken from Sebel Residence

The pool at Sebel Residence

Opposite bank from Sebel Residence

Sebel at night

East Perth never used to look so nice when daddy was in Perth studying. They started to develop the area and is now a very nice area to stay in. Some parts overlooks the Swan River and if you take a walk in the park, you can even see Burswood Casino in the distance.

Perth 2007 continues... The Beach and Fremantle Markets

Nat and Mummy on Cottesloe Beach. Nat had trouble walking on the beach as he sunk into the sand. we let him fall and pick himself up.

The 2 male models. By the way, it was difficult to get Nat to wear his sunnies!! But he finally did.

Check out the Lims!

Wai Por checking out the fruits at Fremantle markets

Nat choosing cucumbers..... more like itchy fingers!

Our first overseas experience, with the exception of Malaysia!

Perth. Our first real overseas experience. We wanted to bring Nat on his first plane ride and what better place then down under (Perth) where daddy studied for 5 years. We also wanted to bring Wai Por as it was her first time to a western country. So it would be a good experience for all. We planned a trip from the 23 - 27 March 2007, over the weekend. Our itinerary was planned to be as easy going as possible as we knew that with Nat around, things has to be easy going.

Briefly, we flew in on Friday afternoon, checked into the Sebel Residence, East Perth and then to Harbour Town for dinner and shopping. The next day, we headed to Cottesloe Beach to have brekkie at The Blue Duck. We spent some time at the beach too as it was Nat's first time walking on a beach! Then we headed to Fremantle to visit the markets. We headed to dad's place for a look see and then back to the hotel for Nat's dinner. We went to church and had Italian food that night!

We started late on Sunday. We took our time to drive to Mandurah. We headed to Falcon Beach for a community activity. After which we headed back to Freo to get more fruits! We headed back to the hotel and daddy bought food from Old Shanghai to eat at the hotel.

Monday, we took a drive to Caversham Wildlife Park to see native Australian animals. We visited the Margaret River Chocolate Factory as well. Lunch was at Midland Gate before we headed to Tua Koh's farm for a visit. We then visited a vineyard and headed back to the hotel. Daddy bought Indian food for dinner (Tandoor). Then Daddy and Mummy went to Vultures for coffee on their own.

Tuesday, we had breakfast in a park at East Perth. Daddy went to the bank to settle some issues. Then we headed to Harbour Town for some last minute shopping and quick lunch. Then it was straight to the airport for our flight home.

A great vacation for Nat we believe and we hope for wai por as well!

Peace at last!! After Nat slept on the plane!!

At Harbour Town

At Blue Duck Cafe, Cottesloe Beach

To the night safari we go!

Hmmm..... it was the school holidays and one of your aunts suggested we all head to the night safari. There were some coupons floating around for us to use. So your 2 aunts and mummy organised a night safari trip! We thought that you would be intrigued by all the animals as the only ones you were exposed to so far were cats and dogs!

15 March 2007

Wearing a cap!!!! Finally!!

10 March 2007. We have been trying to get Nat to wear a cap, but it was all in vain. But finally, we managed to get it on long enough for a nice photo.

Our son hard at work!

We have no idea where he learnt to lie down and do this???? We figured probably from his cousin!

3 March 2007