Thursday, May 11, 2006

foot in mouth.....

A close up of Nathaniel. He had already learnt by the 4th of March 2006, to put his feet into his mouth. Its just funny seeing him do that. I can't do that!! And I heard that once a baby does that, he wants a brother or a sister???!!! How can that be??? :P Anyway, dun you think he is adorable??

I guess not many know this, but Nat sometimes has his own problems. So many!! But it is all part and parcel of bringing him up. However, once we see him responding to us, we forget everything don't we??

better start somewhere

Wow, the last blog was in feb 2006. It has been some time. Well, I'd start with this photo taken on the 18th feb 2006. Nat had already learnt to flip over. You put him on his back, he flips, and flips and flips. Amazing to see a baby learn this. Of course there are more things to come.