Sunday, January 07, 2007

The new IKEA at Tampines

A new IKEA opened near our home and we decided to visit the place.

Nat was so attracted to this band. And in particular, the guitarist. I wonder why huh???

One thing about kids is that, they fear nothing. Not like us adults, who always conform to what we have been conditioned since young. Nat can just walk all the way to the front, whereas the adults would just watch from a distance!!

BARNEY and gang!

Your parents were so excited when we learned that there will be a Barney and friends short performance at United Square on 2 Dec 2006. We wanted to surprise you!! We managed to get there on time, but we could only get a second floor view of the stage. It was crowded man!

And we even got you your first Barney bag!!

So we hope you enjoyed it... because we did!