Sunday, May 27, 2007

SENTOSA again???

Hahahahaha.... imagine daddy half running, half walking back from the show to set up the cake for Yi Yi. The family celebrated her birthday in advance at Sentosa!

The next day, we all went on the LUGE. Too bad Nat Nat did not meet the height requirements, but Daddy and Mummy did enjoy themselves thoroughly!!

SENTOSA revisited

Musical fountain, lasers and fireworks!

Well, that is a new attraction at Sentosa. Just some time back, they closed down the free musical fountain show. They then built a new outdoor theatre etc. spending a couple of million dollars. They then charge SGD 6 a ticket to see the show. Daddy was ok with it, but Mummy felt that it was not worth the money as it was too short. But Daddy argued that the use of fireworks was expensive. But Nat, you were such a scaredy cat!! I guess it was the loud bangs, hot fire etc. that got you afraid. Daddy had to bring you too the back to watch the show, and even that, you were close to tears!! Daddy will have to bring you to more fireworks displays!! Maybe National Day???

Sentosa with the Shirley's sisters and families

Nat, your Mommy arranged a stay over at sentosa for your aunties and uncles!! 30 April to 1 May 2007. I think it was fun for you as you were exposed to many things during the stay.

We started with a dip in the pool with your daddy and cousins!!! (Rasa Sentosa).

Then it was on to making sand castles. We tried, but we did not do a very good job at it!. Nevermind, at least you got to walk on the sand, which you did not like in the beginning!! Be a man!!

Your aunties and wai po relaxing as they watched their kids and men in their life build sand castles!

Taking a minute or two in the room to catch up on some work..... Hey Nat, you need to keep this up...... a banker in the making perhaps? Or a CEO of an MNC........ follow your heart, my man!

Matt Kor Kor

21 April 2007. Nat, you were colouring with Matthias Kor Kor in the afternoon. He was showing you how to colour. Though you need more practice!!!