Thursday, August 28, 2008

Its official ......... Mr & Mrs Chua

22 August 2008.

Our good friends, Sam and Tina finally said their vows to be united as one!

Shirley and I were honoured to be present to witness the ceremony at the ROM. The whole gang then proceeded after that for a lunch. But here are some photos of the people present.

Congratulations guys!!

The secret admirer

17 August 2008.

Mummy met her friend, Auntie Suzanne at Tampines Mall to catch up. Daddy and Nat walked around the mall before heading back home for Nat to take his late afternoon nap. But we managed to catch Nat kissing Man Ning while she was asleep. So cute and innocent. (of course we told him to kiss her!) But I think the most amazing thing is at night, Nat mentioned that he remembers Man Ning from a previous outing he had with Mummy, Auntie Suzanne and Man Ning. That was quite some time ago and we thought that he would be too small to not remember it. Amazing.

Happy Birthday!!

16th August 2008.

We attended a birthday dinner today. It was to celebrate Nat's cousins' birthday. So Happy Birthday Mikayla and Luke!! Think it was nice for the kids. You should see Mikayla... so cute sitting on the high chair! And she is now one!! How time flies!

Mikayla is one!

The Lows.

The kids.


10 August 2008.

Just wanted to show the boy with his plastic golf club on his bed (which he does not even sleep on!) Daddy and Mummy wanted to sell the cot initially, but have decided against it as we think we might use it for the next child!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Last day in Sentosa

The last day at Sentosa on the 2nd August 2008 was spent at Underwater World after a breakfast at Delifrance. It was difficult getting good photos in there. The fish were moving around quite quickly and it was rather dim, but here were some that I could take that I felt were decent.

We then made our way to the Rasa Sentosa beach for Nat to use his sand equipment which he was eager to try out. We managed to catch a sand castle building competition there too. And you should see Nat with beads of sweat rolling down his face!!

Nat using his equipment.

Beads of sweat!!


A final dip in the hotel roof top pool.

SENTOSA adventures

I was trying to upload the monkey video for the past few times I logged in, but I guess it was too big and just could not happen. So I have given up. I now continue with the SENTOSA chronicles.

After the primate show, we went to the Dolphin Lagoon to catch the "pink dolphins" in action. Nat enjoyed the show seeing his excitement. The weather was really hot though.

The dolphins.

Nat and Mummy watching the dolphins.

After the show, we headed back to the hotel and decided to go for quick dip in the pool. It had a slide which Nat went on twice. But I think he hates the water hitting his face. I then taught him to blow bubbles in the water, which is usually the first step in teaching someone how to swim.

Blowing bubbles.

After a shower and a nap, we then went to have dinner at Sakae Izakaya at Siloso Beach. We then took the Sentosa Express (a monorail) out to Vivocity and back. But we dropped by the Merlion for some photos. Then it was back to the hotel for a much needed rest.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Our getaway overseas...... SENTOSA ....... continues yet again!

1 August 2008.

Nathaniel skipped school today as he was going to Sentosa with us. After a half hour job by the beach and a quick shower, I made a trip back home to pick him up. He was already dressed to go out. I had told him 2 days ago that he was going to Sentosa on Friday. And he remembered that. Its just amazing how much a child picks up things like that so quickly.

The two of us then made our way back to Amara to pick Shirley. Nat was so excited when we reached the hotel. At this age, I believe it does not take much to really satisfy a child. We then proceeded for the first activity of the day for Nat. The Luge! Knowing how sometimes Nat seems afraid of things, I primed him about the Luge. I told him we were going to the Luge and that the year before, his cousins wore helmets and went on it. I think he remembered because he did not resist wearing the helmet and drive the "small car." I told him that he will have to help Daddy drive the "small car." And I think giving him such an important job like made him want to go on it even more. At one stage of the descent down, I told him that he will have to tell me if he wants Daddy to go faster or slower. When I asked him which one? He told me, "Faster Daddy." So he seemed to enjoy it, though I could not see his face as he was sitting in front of me.

On our way up!!

On our way down!

At the end.

Mummy and Nat at the beach in front of the luge.

We then all took the sentosa bus from the beach station over to the Dolphin Lagoon just for the fun of it. We then took the beach tram to "koufu" where we had a quick snack and drink before we went to check out the primate encounter and the show. We managed to catch an iguana close up. Nat was quite a few steps behind us as we looked at the iguana!

On the bus.

The iguana.

The primate show was quite interesting. It was a monkey show! Nat enjoyed it toward the end when the monkey started to throw hoops.

Our getaway overseas...... SENTOSA ....... continues

It was off to the spa after lunch. We relaxed at the spa pool for a while. I then went to the heated jacuzzi in the men's changing room before the 90min swedish massage. Shirley did the pre-natal one of course. My therapist was quite old and did not have much knowledge about the oils. But oh well.....

We then went back to our room at Amara Sanctuary for a rest before heading to Imbiah lookout for a pizza/ pasta dinner.

The spa we went to.

The spa pool.

At Imbiah Lookout.

From the coffee bean at Imbiah.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Our getaway overseas...... SENTOSA

31st July 2008.

Shirley and I decided to stay for 2 nights in Sentosa. One night on our own, and the second night with Nat. The two of us started our holiday by checking into Amara Sanctuary at Sentosa and then headed to Il Lido for an Italian lunch. Il Lido is located at the Sentosa Golf Club. My my, the lunch was expensive! As I told Shirley, the more high class the restaurant, the smaller the servings.

Il Lido. Italian Restaurant at Sentosa Golf Club.

Shirley with her pasta.

My salmon!!