Monday, June 30, 2008


8th June 2008.

It's Barney day! Daddy brought me on a "date". Just he and I went for a Barney concert at Suntec City. I was a little overwhelmed by the loud sound system that I kept putting my fingers into my ears, but as the show went on, I did not realise that I took the fingers out of my ears. I began to enjoy it, especially when they kept singing songs I knew from the VCDs Daddy bought for me. I especially liked "Baby Bop Hop!!!!"

Thanks Daddy!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Dim Sum

8th June 2008 was rare. We took a drive to Geylang in search of Dim Sum. I had to drive around a few times to find the place (your mom and I vaguely remembered there was a dim sum place!!). After finding the place and dropping you off, I drove a few more rounds to try and find parking!! Phew!! Anyway, we finally settled down to eat!!!!!

You and your favourite "char siew pau"

After the heavy breakfast, we decided to take a drive to Bedok Reservior to try and catch some dragon boat action, but we saw this Chinese man and his son trying out their cheap remote controlled boat. The boy was nervous as the currents seemed strong and the boat seemed to get further away from the shore. The father took over and told him not to worry and most "garangly" let the boat go out further away from the shore. Guess what happened next????? Scroll down to see the answer (a picture speaks a thousand words they say!)

The three of you checking out the boat.

The answer!

Peace!! (at the slide)

Me and You

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Uncle Barnaby's Birthday!

7th June 2008.

We celebrated Uncle Barnaby's birthday at this teochew restaurant at Boon Keng Road. Quite yummy. The place is called "Ban Heng Air Conditioned Restaurant Pte Ltd." Interesting name isn't it? Sa Ee Poh, Uncle Johnny and Dua EePoh were also present.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Yet another birthday!

28th May 2008.

We celebrated Uncle Sam's birthday early this year. We bought food from Jln Tua Kong. "zi char" and curry fish head from Rajah's curry. We brought these to Ben and Eunice's place as it was more comfortable there. It was a good dinner. We had the usual cake cutting ceremony to mark the event.

By the way, notice the Man U tissue cover (the birthday boy is a Liverpool fan!!)

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Wedding in Johor Bahru

Saturday 24th May 2008.

We attended a wedding banquet in JB. But we all took the opportunity to do some shopping at Jusco in the afternoon. After getting some groceries amongst other things, we dropped by Shirley's uncle's house to freshen up with a shower and a short rest before proceeding to Mutiara Hotel for the banquet.

The introduction of the first dish was really something. Have a look!

The Happy Couple.

Just us!

Yi Yi's birthday

19th May 2008.

We celebrated Yi Yi's birthday today. It was held at Da Yi's house. The food as usual was wonderful! Thanks to Uncle Peter and Wilma, they sure whipped up something great! And with wine!! The chocolate cake was from Bengawan Solo and it tasted great too!

Here is a photo of the birthday lady together with her kids and their cousins.

Tennis exhibition match

18th May 2008.

We all went for a tennis exhibition match today at the Hollandse Club. It was a match between the two coaches. It was organised by Nat's grandpa and tennis kakis. It was such a hot day and the coaches were just steaming hot man!!! Apparently there were prizes, so it was worth it for them I guess.

Our cool tennis spectator!

Nat watching the match.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

He is such an adult at times!

18th May 2008.

Sometimes Nat can be such an adult. An example would be this. I tend to read the papers in the mornings sometimes at the breakfast table. Nat emulates me in what I do. And so he decided to join me at the table after he woke up and came out looking for us. I remember sometime back, one of Shirley's sister's friends caught Nat reading the Today paper and thought it was so cute. She took a photo of him as well!