Sunday, March 23, 2008

Lo Hei

17 February 2008.

Our traditionally "Lo Hei" held at "Koufu" next door to The Lim's condo. We initially wanted to eat at Elias Mall, but the crowds were just so overwhelming. So we changed the venue. But it was great as the company made it out to be. Thanks guys for a wonderful time.

The lovely couple! How lor-mantic!

The dish!

Our Family Shot During Chinese New Year 2008

9th February 2008.

Our family shot!

Our Chinese New Year

7 February 2008.

Our CNY started with a visit to Merryn Road where we paid our respects to Nat's great grandmother, grandpa and grandma. We then proceeded to Dua Ee Poh and Uncle Johnny's place at Farrer Road. Then it was Sa Ee Poh's place at night for a dinner bought from Bumbu Restaurant.

Friday, 8th February was spent at Muar! Yes, I drove up to Muar. In my grandis was the Lim Family, my mother in law and the Low Family. All in all, 5 adults and 4 kids. It was tiring, but it was good just to get out of Singapore. I guess its just a break in routine!! And of course the home cooked food and the lovely "Tom Yam" steamboat. The Tom Yum stock came all the way from Penang ok!!

Nat and the resident dog, Tim at Merryn Road. Enjoying a moment in the garden on the first day of CNY.

Nat with one of his second cousins in Muar. Taken on the second day of CNY.

Nat says......

6 February 2008.

Don't you agree that Nat looks so cool with his MMI uniform? Now when we ask him whether he wants to go to school, he says "Yes". When we ask him who are his friends at school? The most obvious name that he utters is "Marcus", "Teacher Vernice", "Teacher Alice" (principal), "Mei Mei". He does not show reluctance now. In fact, he gets into his uniform without a fuss. That's great! The only downside is the frequency of Nat falling sick. Many times he comes down with a cough, coupled with a running nose and a fever. That is the stressful bits for us as parents. Once he mixes with other kids, this happens. In fact, we were pre-warned by the Uncle Doctor (Dr. Lim, our friendly paediatrician) that it can go on for 6 mths or so before it starts to settle down. Well, we are perservering!

Nathaniel Isaac at home, after school.

Nat's First Day at Nursery!

2 January 2008.

We started Nat at a Nursery school run by the MMI at Pasir Ris Park. Shirley and I took half day leave to make sure he was fine. I suspected that Nat being quite shy at times may not take it well, but I was told by many friends that he will get used to it and that we will have to perservere. The first 2 weeks were a trial period for Nat, which was why he was not in uniform. Shirley took the school bus with him for the first day, and Nat was fine with that. But from we heard from his grandma, and the school bus Auntie Sim, Nat was crying before he went up the bus. In fact, on a few occasions, when he saw the bus come, he ran off, with his grandma running after him. When he was asked whether he wanted to go to school at night, he said a firm "No". He even refused to change for school and even closed our front door.

Nathaniel waiting for the bus.

Nathaniel getting off the bus at MMI.

Long time.....

To all our fans!! Watch this space for more updates!! The Family Lim has been so busy (more like Ben!) that this blog had not been updated. But we will be back with a vengence!