Saturday, October 27, 2007

Bonjour Paris!! And Au Revior Paris!

Late Friday night 26 October 2007.

Comment allez-vous!!!

Shirley and I arrived in Paris early Wednesday morning (24th October 2007) for a holiday, yes just the two of us! We thought we'd say Bonjour all the way from Paris to our devout readers. So far we had visited most of the "must-sees" in Paris. We did a bit of shopping, but strangely did not buy anything much for ourselves. We did visit the LV store though!

We visited the Arc de Triiomphe, Ave Des Champs Elysees, Effiel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, The Chapel of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal and the Chateau De Versailles.

Weather was cold when we arrived, but we have got used to it now. We now look forward to our train ride to London tomorrow morning for our next phase of our holiday.

Thanks for reading..... here is a photo of us at the Chateau De Versailles today!

Friday, October 26, 2007


26 August 2007.

AH DEE drew this after some persuasion from AH MEE. (AH DEE and AH MEE are what I call my parents). I think AH DEE "ada talent." He should have been an artist, designer or some occupation related to art and design. My AH DEE would have been so "Shuckshessful!!"

My family portrait.

What a poser???!!

19 August 2007.

Guess what Nat was posing as?

Nat had started to pose for the camera recently. And this was just one of them. Not sure if it was a James Bond pose???

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Hmmm...... which one should I wear today?

Ah Dee likes the one on the left but Ah Mee pefers the one on the right. Me? Both of course!!

PS : Thank you to Auntie Elaine who bought me the shirts from New Zealand.

The dynamic duo!

22 July 2007.

Also on this outing, Daddy and Nat tried on a few spectacles. Wahahahahahaha!

Don’t you think these two in the photo make the coolest Daddy and son duo??? Taken at River Island at Raffles City.

Scribbling stuff

22 July 2007.

We bought a whiteboard for Nat from IKEA just down the road from where we stay. We just wanted something for him to write on as we noticed him scribbling on paper and such. He was quite happy after Daddy set it up for him. He started scribbling stuff, which I believe means something to the little boy. But it is so cute to see. The only thing he always forgets, whether it is on purpose or not, is to put the cap of the marker back on! He has dried up a few markers already!

Nat posing with his "then new" whiteboard from IKEA. Can you see his scribblings on the board?