Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Witnessing Uncle Dan and Auntie Zoe's wedding

Nathaniel's first visit to St. Mary of the Angels church in Bukit Batok was to witness his parent's good friend's wedding. Mummy was helping out at the reception and Daddy read the second reading. The lunch reception was fun too as there was a band playing and Nat sure enjoyed the music. It was great to be amongst our church friends! Here are some pictures of Nat.

On the way to church:

Nat in church:

Nat (black and white):

Nat and Dee Dee:

Uncle Dan and Auntie Zoe:

Conversation with our darling!

Mummy : What is your name?
Son : Nat Nat!

Daddy : How old are you?
Son : Tuuu!

Sometimes we need to coax him to say these, but we really get the kick out of it. He is able to say "apple", "por por", "dee dee" (daddy), "maaa - meee" (mummy), "bread", "sit", "eat", "walk walk" - one of his favourite - and i think a few more words here and there. He does go on his bout of baby language or gibberish. But it is so cute to see him trying to tell you something, with hand gestures and all. Such a darling.

Its amazing how fast Nathaniel is growing. He was a mere 50cm in length and now he is at least double in height. He is so adorable now.

But of course there are times when he just drives you nuts!! He is able to throw tantrums once in a blue moon. And that really zaps us. And he tries to test us. But well, we have to learn to be able to strike a balance I guess!

Sunday, July 08, 2007


21 May 2007.

Strike a pose Nathaniel Isaac!! As to what Madonna used to say!!

I'm too sexy for my shirt, so sexy it hurts!!

Happy Mother's Day!!

13 May 2007.

Happy Mother's Day mummy!!! From Nat and Daddy!!

BTW, I got a paper flower from cousin Matthias for you! Muack! Muack!! Flying Kiss!!

Golden arches!

12 May 2007.

You know what Ben does for a living right?? He works for a pharmaceutical MNC which has a drug targeting obesity. We all know what fast food is like. It can be fattening. And their marketing is so good that even a child at 2 years old can recognise the golden arches and old Ronnie.

Today, we decided to head down to the nearest golden arches for brekkie. And look what Nat was enjoying. He was sharing daddy and mummy's hot cakes and big breakfast. Nat was only 20 mths old then and he can feed himself, of course with a little guidance from his parents!!

Such a darling he is!

Nat and caps!!

12 May 2007. Nat hates anything on him!! Caps, necklaces etc. We had to slowly train him to wear a cap. Even his Daddy had to wear caps so that Nat would follow......Finally we managed to get him to pose in a cap with us! By the way, do check out the camo bermudas father and son were sporting! For the record, Daddy bought Nat's camo berms all the way from the USA!! Cool dudes man!!

Tina jie jie

27 April 2007.

Hey Nat, Tina jie jie came by all the way from Vietnam. And we invited her to come over for a meal!! It was your first meeting! Hope U enjoyed her coming by as well all did. Here is a picture for rememberence!!