Thursday, September 25, 2008

Surprised Eunice

The gang (Sam, Tina, Shirley, Ben) wanted to surprise Eunice for her birthday. The only problem was that she was going to be in Perth during her birthday. I had sent out an email to ask if we wanted to surprise Eunice. I had earlier spoke to Eunice about the Perth trip and then sent out the email. I had also included her other half. We had played with the idea of surprising her at the house or even holding placards saying Happy Birthday when they come back to Singapore on the 6th Sept. But guess what???? Shirley was so keen to surprise her at the airport before she flew to Perth. So the emails went back and forth till we decided to pretend that we were going to the Perth with her, but on another flight (Eunice was going on Qantas whereas we were "going" on SQ). We had props like the carry on luggages, passports and even the boarding passes. I had also bought 2 pieces of carrot cake from coffee bean the night before. But of course we all know what happened. I left the cake in the fridge at home. So we made arrangements with the cafe at the T1 terminal to bring out the cake when we came back with Eunice. Big Ben had told us to keep Kevin, Ah Kong and Ah Ma in the dark, which was good too. John who was around too at the airport was surprised too, but decided to play along later. It was fun. And Eunice! We will all go to Perth one day TOGETHER!

6th September 2008.
Hmmmm...... but the surprises did not end here. Shirley, Nat and I were activated by Sam to drop by Eunice's house on the day the Teohs flew back from Perth. And we all appeared together with the Teoh's bible study group. Unfortunately, John and Chris did not realise that Eunice was in the kitchen and they barged in. And it was raining outside too, which made it a little bit more inconvenient. But we managed. And Eunice was so "surprised!"

The group at the Teoh's house on the 6th September 2008.

Hey to download the video we took outside the Teoh's house before we went in, do go to the following link: