Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Singtel Report

30 June 2006. Dada received a SingTel Report today in the mail (I have no clue what is SingTel!!). Anyway, I was dying to read something, so I made it known to Dada. He ended up giving me the report. I was busy looking at it when Dada took this picture. He told Mummy that I looked very intellectual. Mummy agreed and asked Dada to blog the photo.

My first car!! A Porsche

18 June 2006. Daddy and Mummy were talking about getting me a car for the longest time. They tried to delay it because they knew that having a car too early may not be good for me with regards to proper walking posture. But after taking into account my granny who seemed to struggle with my weight, they decided to head down to kiddy palace to get me my first Porsche. When I first sat in it, I was zipping around at high speeds, banging many things in the house. But I was having fun and I guess that's what matters right?

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


17 June 2006. Its the weekend! Daddy and Mummy promised to take me swimming downstairs. And so they did. Mummy bought me a wetsuit for me to swim in and the little floaty was from Da Yi. Mummy took a photo of me. Daddy blogged this photo but dare not include a photo of he and I. He was shy as he says he has a tummy!!

I was initially afraid of the water. I take some time to get used to the water, but Daddy takes his time to let me experience the water a little at a time!! Thanks Daddy!!

my barney pyjamas!!

11 June 2006. Whenever I see mummy wanting to dress me in this outfit, I smile from ear to ear!!!

Daddy will point at BJ, my favourite character from Barney and friends!!!! And I would point at him too!

Nat's favourite TV shows

11 May 2006. Hmmmm..... just some trivial facts.... Nat loves to watch some TV shows. Top of the list include..... Hi5 and Barney and friends!! He seems to like those which include song and dance..... He recognises the Hi5 jingle anywhere. When the jingle comes on, he becomes so alert from the room. He starts to jump around when you hold him!! So here is a photo of him sitting on his own watching Hi5. Check out his "tow kay" left leg!!

Does little nat look like his mom??

Whenever we bring Nat out, people always ask, who does he look like? Mummy or Daddy? Well, we get many varied answers. So I put out this picture for you to judge whether little Nat looks like Mummy..... (taken 6 May 2006)

BF at Ponggol

1 May 2006. Breakfast at a Ponggol coffee shop with Shirley's sisters. Had "ta mee", "jui kueh", "prata" and coffee. The cousins were seated on one of those machines which move about and make kids happy. Lovely pic.

ze boy and his mom - 29 April 2006

This was taken before shirley and I went out for a wedding dinner. So we took the opportunity to take a picture.