Saturday, December 30, 2006

Born 8th October 2006....A new soccer hero?

A new soccer hero in the making......... Keegan Teoh di di....... from Uncle Ben and Aunty Eunice, our very good friends! And not forgetting Kevin gor gor, Keegan's brother. And if you are reading this Nat (when you have grown up), Kevin Keegan used to be a very famous soccer player when I was young!! So soccer runs in this family!

Your mom and I went to visit the Teohs at Gleneagles Hospital and can you believe what they served Aunty Eunice? Have a look and tell me what it looks like?

Mid Autumn Festival

Has been some time since we blogged. So many things happening. Travellings and all.

Anyhow, here is a photo taken on 6 October 2006. We celebrated the festival downstairs by the pool with all of Nat's cousins. We had lanterns, moon cake and some ice tea (packet drinks). Could not really see the moon and that lady who was supposed to be there!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

A father's dismay

Son Nathaniel is sick. He was diagnosed with flu this morning when we brought him to the doctor.

I guess what dismayed me was Nat was sleeping peacefully last night from 8pm to about 9pm when he woke up because he was coughing quite hard. He then turned and puked onto my shirt. As I picked him up with Lina on hand, he puked more. I brought him the the sink and he puked again. Aiyo. We were all getting smelly!!. But I guess, seeing him puking was not fun. You know he is such a bundle of joy, so active and cute. To see him puke like that reminded me of my bout of "food poisoning" or gastric flu.

Anyway, we have to monitor him, to bring down his fever, as well as to make sure his cough is suppressed, or he would be vomitting everything out!! So we have Rhinathiol, Ibuprofen and progesic to help us.

Doc says he would probably be better on Monday as he was still laughing in the clinic playing with the doc's toys.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

D is for.......

DOG and DUCK!!!!

For the record, Nat knows how to say these 2 words just before he turned 1!! (At 11 months!! This picture was taken on 8 October 2006). Shirl.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Guess who?

I wonder if anyone can guess who the boys in the photos are? No prizes for guessing it right!!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Happy Birthday POR POR!!

28 September 2006. It’s my mother’s 68th birthday and here she is with all her grandchildren.

On a separate note, I really admire my mother’s patience. Nat has been taking very little milk since he was 3 months old and my mother has been trying all sorts of ideas/tricks to get him to drink enough for his age.

And it is not easy now that we have started him on solids. He is also not eating much. Sigh….. really do not know what to do.

I really hope that I can be as patient as my mum…….. something that I need to learn from her. S.

Anyway the 3 sisters pretended to drop by our place at about 8 at night. All of the sudden, a cake appeared out of no where. Boy was Por Por surprised!!!

Who is the star?

19 September 2006.

A working day... but daddy and mummy took leave to spend the actual birthday with you Nat.

We brought you and wai por to Crystal Jade (T2, Changi Airport) for Dim Sum. But guess who stole the limelight?

Nat's First Birthday Party

16 September 2006 (Saturday). Nathaniel Isaac Lim's actual day is the 19th September. But we celebrated earlier on the weekend. Having so many friends, we had to limit the numbers! So if you are reading this blog entry and asking yourself why you were not invited???? Hey, we had no choice........ the place could only take that many people!!! We will make it up to you!! :P

Anyway, here are some photos of the day! Enjoy.....

The yellow dream team.

The cake..... Nat's favourite characters... Barney and BJ.

The dent in the cake made by Nat's little feet.

Nat with his great grandma, grandparents & uncle.

Nat's friends!

The LIMs with the TEOHs.

Reflections of a new mom

19 September 2006. How time flies, it has been a year. In fact, it has been 1 year and 9 months (including the pregnancy period)!
It has been a amazing, exciting, tiring, rewarding, and worrying period.

From his first smile, his first turn (over), his first crawl, his first word and now looking forward to his first walk. Everyday is still a new learning experience for me, so many things to explore and learn for a one year old mother. My responsibilities and priorities have changed. I am really grateful that I have my mum who is helping me look after Nat while Ben and I are at work. Am also thankful to Ben who has been ever so supporting during my pregnancy period and bearing with all my nonsense and demands. And of course, God’s grace to my family. Am really counting my blessings! :)

I guess the following will sum up how I feel and hope as a mother!

1 year ago on a peaceful night
A cute little baby boy pushed his way to this beautiful world with all his might
As the smiling mum held him tight
She whispered to him “I will try my best to raise you right”
And she hopes one day he will tell her “Mum, I have proven you right!”

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Cheeky monkey!!!???

12 August 2006. Outside Grand Copthorne Hotel, Singapore.

This was taken just by the river behind Grand Copthorne. I printed this photo and put it in a frame at work. A colleague who came into my cubicle, commented that Nathaniel had a cheeky face........ Do you guys think so????

He has grown so much.... he is almost a year old!!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Singtel Report

30 June 2006. Dada received a SingTel Report today in the mail (I have no clue what is SingTel!!). Anyway, I was dying to read something, so I made it known to Dada. He ended up giving me the report. I was busy looking at it when Dada took this picture. He told Mummy that I looked very intellectual. Mummy agreed and asked Dada to blog the photo.

My first car!! A Porsche

18 June 2006. Daddy and Mummy were talking about getting me a car for the longest time. They tried to delay it because they knew that having a car too early may not be good for me with regards to proper walking posture. But after taking into account my granny who seemed to struggle with my weight, they decided to head down to kiddy palace to get me my first Porsche. When I first sat in it, I was zipping around at high speeds, banging many things in the house. But I was having fun and I guess that's what matters right?

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


17 June 2006. Its the weekend! Daddy and Mummy promised to take me swimming downstairs. And so they did. Mummy bought me a wetsuit for me to swim in and the little floaty was from Da Yi. Mummy took a photo of me. Daddy blogged this photo but dare not include a photo of he and I. He was shy as he says he has a tummy!!

I was initially afraid of the water. I take some time to get used to the water, but Daddy takes his time to let me experience the water a little at a time!! Thanks Daddy!!

my barney pyjamas!!

11 June 2006. Whenever I see mummy wanting to dress me in this outfit, I smile from ear to ear!!!

Daddy will point at BJ, my favourite character from Barney and friends!!!! And I would point at him too!

Nat's favourite TV shows

11 May 2006. Hmmmm..... just some trivial facts.... Nat loves to watch some TV shows. Top of the list include..... Hi5 and Barney and friends!! He seems to like those which include song and dance..... He recognises the Hi5 jingle anywhere. When the jingle comes on, he becomes so alert from the room. He starts to jump around when you hold him!! So here is a photo of him sitting on his own watching Hi5. Check out his "tow kay" left leg!!

Does little nat look like his mom??

Whenever we bring Nat out, people always ask, who does he look like? Mummy or Daddy? Well, we get many varied answers. So I put out this picture for you to judge whether little Nat looks like Mummy..... (taken 6 May 2006)

BF at Ponggol

1 May 2006. Breakfast at a Ponggol coffee shop with Shirley's sisters. Had "ta mee", "jui kueh", "prata" and coffee. The cousins were seated on one of those machines which move about and make kids happy. Lovely pic.

ze boy and his mom - 29 April 2006

This was taken before shirley and I went out for a wedding dinner. So we took the opportunity to take a picture.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Gosh......He is sick!

Am now in Boston, MA, USA for the World Transplant Congress. Before I left, Nat was experiencing a runny nose, a little fever on and off, phlegm. Apparently when I left, his condition got a little worse. Mummy Shirl has been caring for the little one, together with mom in law. He had rashes, is cranky etc. Poor boy! Have been calling every morning (Singapore night time) to find out whats happening. Hopefully he is getting better. S has been great, bringing him to the doc and all. At least Nat is being followed up and there is some assurance. Not being in Singapore and knowing Nat is sick is not a very good feeling. Anyhow, I do what I have to do, and get back home asap! Looking forward to get home! I leave Boston Thurs evening. Back in Singapore on Sat early morning.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

My two first teeth!!!

15th April 2006. We had been wanting to take a photo of his teeth. And here they are. His two first teeth appearing at the bottom!! They say that the baby gets a little crabby, upset etc, when his teeth starts to appear. Personally I can't really sense it (maybe because he can be crabby etc. at times too).

the boy sitting on his throne!!!

Here is a picture of Nat sitting up on his chair. He can sit up, but not on his own. Still needs support. This was taken on 9 April 2006 at home.

Its amazing watching the stages he goes through. The best thing is coming home from work! You walk in and you say hello to him. and he gives you this smile that melts my heart!!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

foot in mouth.....

A close up of Nathaniel. He had already learnt by the 4th of March 2006, to put his feet into his mouth. Its just funny seeing him do that. I can't do that!! And I heard that once a baby does that, he wants a brother or a sister???!!! How can that be??? :P Anyway, dun you think he is adorable??

I guess not many know this, but Nat sometimes has his own problems. So many!! But it is all part and parcel of bringing him up. However, once we see him responding to us, we forget everything don't we??

better start somewhere

Wow, the last blog was in feb 2006. It has been some time. Well, I'd start with this photo taken on the 18th feb 2006. Nat had already learnt to flip over. You put him on his back, he flips, and flips and flips. Amazing to see a baby learn this. Of course there are more things to come.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Chinese New Year gathering amongst colleagues

Its the 4th Feb 2006! I guess I had always wanted to have a small gathering amongst the senior colleagues. I guess some of them were asking to see Nat which is why I finally made it on the 4th Feb.

Most of those I invited came, with the exception of Uncle Raymond. It was quite a quick gathering, I must say. They came, they gambled and they went. Shirl, Nat and I could even drive up to JB for a dinner at Shirl's Uncle's place! We were back at midnight! Boy were we tired!

I am now thinking of having another gathering.... this time for all the younger and senior colleagues.... hahahahaha... but that has to wait until we invite the other groups of friends we have been planning to call!!

22nd January 2006

As a few of you guys might know, Nat has some feeding problems. He just does not like milk!! It had been a source of frustration especially for his mother. U know, babies cannot do without nutrients. We had tried to do the milk on demand thing.... but if we do not feed him, his mood becomes rather crabby, so we have resorted to feeding him when he is half asleep! Sigh, but that is the only way he is getting his nutrients!!

Well, we then thought that we had better try to start him on semi-solids, and so we did. This is a picture of his first feed on brown rice cereal. Nat did not seem to like it too...... but we tried to get him used to the spoon and basically something in his mouth.

Monday, February 06, 2006

ItS TuESdaY 31 January 2006

It's the third day of CNY. It was a flurry of activity at the Lim Household. The Lims were preparing to visit Sa Ee's place at Diary Farm for lunch. But we had the Tan sisters and their families over for a swim!

And this is the first photo of the cousins altogether. Took a little bit of coordination and trial and error, but we managed to get a few photos. So cute!

Happy Lunar New Year!

Hmmmm..... today was very interesting for me. Apparently it was the first day of Chinese New Year (29 Jan 2006). Daddy and Mummy seemed to be rushing around the house trying to get things done. Finally I was bathed and wore a new set of clothes. I felt so clean! Then a strange thing happened..... Daddy and Mummy gave me this strange red packet and started to take photos of me. I was so conscious and did not smile for the camera. I played with this red packet for a while before Mummy took it away and told me she will put it into the bank for me. By the way, what's a bank?

Daddy and Mummy then brought me to see Kong Kong, Mama and Lao Ma. There I got another three red packets. So cool, though I have no idea what was in them.

I watched Daddy and Mummy have lunch again. Then it was off to grandaunt's place at Farrer Road. I met two cousins there for the first time! But they are so big, like giants. Dun think they can play with me. Again, Daddy and Mummy ate. I think Daddy should eat less, but Mummy can eat more. That's what I hear from Daddy. But I know not the reason!

It was off to church after that. Boy was I grouchy and tired after that.

Reunion Dinners

My first ever reunion dinner was held at Christina's (DA YI) place on Friday 27 Jan 2006. The three aunties and their families got together. It seemed like a long time when all three families got together for a meal (according to Mummy) What better time than this?

My second aunt, mummy and I.

The food (which I could not eat!).

The second reunion dinner was with my grandparents (Daddy's side). But Daddy did not take any photos, so none to share. But I watched them gobble down some stuff from a hot pot. I could only see the steam from where I was seating.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

So many things are happening!!

Well, all parents I believe can identify with these worries I am sure.

Nathaniel Isaac is growing so fast now. It just seems like stages in his life. He seems to have little habits here and there that seem to change. Parents like us have to keep up with him. We have to second guess what he wants or does not want.

Having speaking to colleagues who are going through or have gone through their stages in life with their kids, I am aware that we are not alone. Things like not eating or sleeping well tend to be the top worries on our lists. And sometimes the parents get stressed up.

We have visited a lactation consultant, paediatricians and a GP for advice on all sorts of things like feeding, irregular bowel movements, sleeping habits etc etc. But there isn't much we can do at times but just do the best we can.

I have observed Nat to have many little habits and sometimes can tell when he is sleepy and just plain grouchy. He can be a handful when he is grouchy and we are outside with him. It can be be very challenging I must say to calm him down and all.

Nat does not seem to like his milk anymore. We can only feed him when he is half asleep. Just today we were outside at Tampines Mall when my wife saw little babies drinking their milk happily and mentioned that she was envious of that baby. We are now trying to feed him a little rice cereal to see how he likes it. He is still learning and it is still too early for us to say how he is reacting to it.

Well, having Nat is a joy but sometimes it can be quite challenging. I try to remain calm in all situations and try to be a pillar of strength. But we are all human after all and we can succumb to pressures of life. Now is how to keep that balance!!

A little late...

Daddy was going through your photos Nat, and came across these which he forgot to blog.

You seem very happy to receive your ever first Christmas presents!! Remember your smile?

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

HaPPy LUnAr nEw YeAr to one and all!

From the Lims, here is wishing all our friends..... Happy Lunar New Year!

Xin Nian Kuai Le!! Wan Si Ru Yi!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

So cute this one

so cute this one
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Dun you guys think that this looks so like an adult??? I know that this definitely looks like Shirley as she needs a bolster to sleep at night!!

Taken on christmas eve 2005


The Lims
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To all our friends and anyone reading this!


from ben, shirl and nathaniel.......