Sunday, June 14, 2009

Half of the Lims are travelling!!

Shirley and Nat are now in the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia on a short holiday with Katherine and her two boys. They left this past Thursday night. Nat was quite excited about this trip for some time now. His mother was talking about the trip on and off. Kat's boys too were looking forward to this trip. I must say that up till the last minute, they were still deciding on whether to go ahead with the trip because of the H1N1 pandemic. Anyway, they went ahead, with a few bottles of hand sanitiser, masks and Tamiflu!

I hear they went to Dreamworld today. Not sure how it went. All I know is that the weather is cold, but not as cold as yesterday. I believe they will be going to Movie World soon and whale watching!

Well, Nic and I are left in Singapore. I felt I should not go because I had just started a new job and its not good taking a week's leave. I will "sacrifice" this time. There will be other opportunities!

My mom-in-law has come over to help me. So its really great! I managed to find time to have breakfast on Sat morning with a good friend, Prof. Cheah and Peter! Went to the market before that to get some groceries. Then I spent quite a bit of time filing and clearing some things. I managed to get things done around the house too which I don't think I could have done if Nat was around.

I started Sunday with a jog. Then it was breakfast at home. I went to the office to download some stuff and checked out the screening points. Then came home for a short swim before lunch. I headed off to visit my granny and parents with Nic in tow. It was Nic's first maiden voyage in the child seat. I think he kind of enjoyed it. I brought along some toys for him to play on the way. Somehow, he felt so comfortable that he seemed drowsy sitting on it!!!

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