Sunday, June 07, 2009


Hello everyone!! It has been a very long time since I wrote anything. It was a very busy period for me. I resigned from Roche after almost 10 years of my life there. It was a very painful decision leaving a company which gave me opportunities to grow. But I had reached a crossroad and I guess I had to make a very painful decision. The good friends I had made there and the bonds I had with these people will always be ones that I would treasure for a life time!!

I moved to IMH and started work there at the beginning of April 2009. Now this is something which is so different from what I was doing, that I must say. Its in operations. I must say I never thought I would dare do something like that. But I did. And my ex-boss and ex-colleague told me, "what's important is not to look back." Good advice indeed.

Now when I joined IMH, it was a culture shock. They work so differently from the private sector. I am still getting used to it. I have made some friends already and I do now understand why the recent climate survey mentioned that people don't leave IMH because of the colleagues. This much I can say that it can be true.

Shirley had updated about Mike's passing, so I will not elaborate anymore. All I can say is that I am very impressed with Mike, especially when the priest told the congregation that Mike also prayed for him. For someone who is so sick and is able to pray for the priest who was adminstering to him, now that is admirable.

Many more things have happened that had distracted me and one of the 'things' was the H1N1 flu. That impacted me in a very big way. I was part of the team that got the screening centre and point up at IMH. There were changes everyday!! I had to adapt quickly. And I was told that "this is healthcare" many times during this period. That's dynamic for you I guess!! Looking back, it was a very good experience though going through it was a different thing altogether. This episode had also made me cherish my family a little bit more. Going home after a long day at the screening centre, it was great seeing the 2 sons smiling at you!! Now that's something, isn't it??

Well, Shirley has started to blog a little because I have been out of action.... hope that continues!!! Hint hint.

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