Sunday, February 19, 2006

Chinese New Year gathering amongst colleagues

Its the 4th Feb 2006! I guess I had always wanted to have a small gathering amongst the senior colleagues. I guess some of them were asking to see Nat which is why I finally made it on the 4th Feb.

Most of those I invited came, with the exception of Uncle Raymond. It was quite a quick gathering, I must say. They came, they gambled and they went. Shirl, Nat and I could even drive up to JB for a dinner at Shirl's Uncle's place! We were back at midnight! Boy were we tired!

I am now thinking of having another gathering.... this time for all the younger and senior colleagues.... hahahahaha... but that has to wait until we invite the other groups of friends we have been planning to call!!

22nd January 2006

As a few of you guys might know, Nat has some feeding problems. He just does not like milk!! It had been a source of frustration especially for his mother. U know, babies cannot do without nutrients. We had tried to do the milk on demand thing.... but if we do not feed him, his mood becomes rather crabby, so we have resorted to feeding him when he is half asleep! Sigh, but that is the only way he is getting his nutrients!!

Well, we then thought that we had better try to start him on semi-solids, and so we did. This is a picture of his first feed on brown rice cereal. Nat did not seem to like it too...... but we tried to get him used to the spoon and basically something in his mouth.

Monday, February 06, 2006

ItS TuESdaY 31 January 2006

It's the third day of CNY. It was a flurry of activity at the Lim Household. The Lims were preparing to visit Sa Ee's place at Diary Farm for lunch. But we had the Tan sisters and their families over for a swim!

And this is the first photo of the cousins altogether. Took a little bit of coordination and trial and error, but we managed to get a few photos. So cute!

Happy Lunar New Year!

Hmmmm..... today was very interesting for me. Apparently it was the first day of Chinese New Year (29 Jan 2006). Daddy and Mummy seemed to be rushing around the house trying to get things done. Finally I was bathed and wore a new set of clothes. I felt so clean! Then a strange thing happened..... Daddy and Mummy gave me this strange red packet and started to take photos of me. I was so conscious and did not smile for the camera. I played with this red packet for a while before Mummy took it away and told me she will put it into the bank for me. By the way, what's a bank?

Daddy and Mummy then brought me to see Kong Kong, Mama and Lao Ma. There I got another three red packets. So cool, though I have no idea what was in them.

I watched Daddy and Mummy have lunch again. Then it was off to grandaunt's place at Farrer Road. I met two cousins there for the first time! But they are so big, like giants. Dun think they can play with me. Again, Daddy and Mummy ate. I think Daddy should eat less, but Mummy can eat more. That's what I hear from Daddy. But I know not the reason!

It was off to church after that. Boy was I grouchy and tired after that.

Reunion Dinners

My first ever reunion dinner was held at Christina's (DA YI) place on Friday 27 Jan 2006. The three aunties and their families got together. It seemed like a long time when all three families got together for a meal (according to Mummy) What better time than this?

My second aunt, mummy and I.

The food (which I could not eat!).

The second reunion dinner was with my grandparents (Daddy's side). But Daddy did not take any photos, so none to share. But I watched them gobble down some stuff from a hot pot. I could only see the steam from where I was seating.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

So many things are happening!!

Well, all parents I believe can identify with these worries I am sure.

Nathaniel Isaac is growing so fast now. It just seems like stages in his life. He seems to have little habits here and there that seem to change. Parents like us have to keep up with him. We have to second guess what he wants or does not want.

Having speaking to colleagues who are going through or have gone through their stages in life with their kids, I am aware that we are not alone. Things like not eating or sleeping well tend to be the top worries on our lists. And sometimes the parents get stressed up.

We have visited a lactation consultant, paediatricians and a GP for advice on all sorts of things like feeding, irregular bowel movements, sleeping habits etc etc. But there isn't much we can do at times but just do the best we can.

I have observed Nat to have many little habits and sometimes can tell when he is sleepy and just plain grouchy. He can be a handful when he is grouchy and we are outside with him. It can be be very challenging I must say to calm him down and all.

Nat does not seem to like his milk anymore. We can only feed him when he is half asleep. Just today we were outside at Tampines Mall when my wife saw little babies drinking their milk happily and mentioned that she was envious of that baby. We are now trying to feed him a little rice cereal to see how he likes it. He is still learning and it is still too early for us to say how he is reacting to it.

Well, having Nat is a joy but sometimes it can be quite challenging. I try to remain calm in all situations and try to be a pillar of strength. But we are all human after all and we can succumb to pressures of life. Now is how to keep that balance!!

A little late...

Daddy was going through your photos Nat, and came across these which he forgot to blog.

You seem very happy to receive your ever first Christmas presents!! Remember your smile?