Friday, August 31, 2007

Where is the 7th Sheep?

Nat woke up near dawn this morning and started counting 1 to 10 to himself!!! But he missed out number 7. I think he does not know how to pronounce it yet [2 syllables) or maybe the sheep has gone missing??!!

Then he snuggled up next to me and shared my blanket ........ so warm and sweet :)


Monday, August 06, 2007

Changi Airport Dinner

8 July 2007.

2 families went to the airport for dinner. Shirley Sarah and Christina's families decided to eat at the staff canteen at the airport. We had the usual satays, rice etc.

We headed down to the departure hall for a little walk and we found a "little garden" just at the side of the hall.

Cousin Enrica and Nathaniel

Daddy, Mummy and Nathaniel

Our brekkie with Charlie (that's Uncle Charlie for you Nat!)

3 July 2007.

Charlie and Lisa flew into Singapore for a few days as Charlie had to teach at the MBA course for UWA. They were all enroute to the UK after that. This was a perfect time for us to meet as we had not caught up for a long time. We were fortunate enough to meet them for Brekkie at thei hotel, Park Royal at Coleman Street. Their kids have really shot up. Anna and Andrew are so gorgeous!

Nat, Uncle Charlie and I met studying together for our MBA in Perth. We had been in project groups at least 3 times as we all worked well together. We were an efficient lot I must say as working in some groups were just not productive at all!! But with Charlie and a few of us, it was great!! Here are some photos which was taken that day!




spongebob attitude??

1 July 2007.

Off for a swim in the afternoon, before our dinner at night. The pull over towel was given by "da yi", I think from shanghai?? So cute. But you must check out Nat's attitude ....... Tsk tsk... so fierce.

Guess who was a heart breaker??

1 July 2007.

We had a bible study group gathering after such a long break. We don't meet up for sessions anymore. Guess due to people's schedules and all, but we are all still good friends. We had a dinner gathering at the Bukit Timah area. It was great to meet up again. Ken and Sonia brought their 4 kids, as did Helena bring her son. But guess who was breaking the girl's hearts? They wanted to carry him and all! Nat enjoyed himself tremendously, running around with them, falling a few times...... but hey, he needs the practice to chase the women right?????? hehehehhehe.