Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Nat and his hand-made Father's Day card

We are pretty satisfied with Nat's academic progress (not that we are pressuring him or anything like that). He will be turning 4 years old in 2 months time and he is now able to recognise and write most of the alphabetical letters. He is also able to write all the numbers and do very simple addition.

The school started with some simple story book reading last year and he was able to read with the help of the pictures. And this year, I noticed that he was able to read full short sentences and recognise simple words without the help of pictures. He is also able to spell simple words like "cow, egg, duck, boy, cat" and of course his name. I guess learning phonics helps too.

For Father's Day, I helped Nat to make a card for Daddy (usually he will bring home something he made in school but as he was away on holiday there was none). I drew the (ugly) flower and Nat coloured it. I spelled to him the words and he wrote it out all by himself! Not a fantastic card but it is made with love.

Oh yes, he can sing and speak in Mandarin! Something that we are really glad of. He speaks English to us and switches to mandarin when he speaks to my mother.

We are not those "Kiasu" parents (we hope) and have no intention to send him for any enrichment lessons, but we are planning to enroll him for music lessons as he enjoys singing and music.

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