Thursday, July 02, 2009

Check out Nicodemus's 2 front teeth!

Love those cute little teeth. But it is painful when he bites!

Nic is now 8 months old. Let's check out his developmental milestones.

  • Crawling - Checked
  • Sitting - Checked
  • Babbles - Checked
  • Waves Goodbye - Checked
  • Clapping of Hands - Checked... when he is in the mood
  • Feeding himself - Checked... able to pick up biscuits and put it in his mouth
  • Imitates sounds - Checked... Screams together with Nat. He also pretended to cough when someone coughs!!
  • Standing - Slight, attempts to stand with support
Last but not least, knows how to recognise daddy and mummy as he smiles when he sees us. Priceless.

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